The Section intends to provide socio-economic value oriented as well as work/ project oriented transactional / interactional Teaching – Learning Methods for the overall qualitative improvement of professional skills of our trainees by emphasizing the following competency areas in the curriculum of our Teacher-Education Programme, namely:

i] Contextual competencies comprising a broader view of the improvement of education in the society & teacher’s role in it.

ii] Conceptual competencies – including various notions of education-Teaching –Learning Process

iii] Transactional competencies.

iv] Competency related to the Teaching – Learning materials,

v] Competencies related to evaluation & management of co-curricular activities,

vi] Competencies related to the community contact & co-operation.

To make our Teaching-Learning Process more up-to-date & professional, our Teacher-education curricular involve the different important areas of commitments to :

[i] The Learner [ii] The Society [iii] The Profession [iv] flattening excellence for the professional actions.

Thus the ultimate mission of our College is to develop today’s most desired factors of qualitative Teacher education, namely

*Input Investment                       *Interaction            *Transaction           *Integration

* Adjustment Process     * Output